Why is GBWhatsApp Pro Not Installing on Phone [4 Reasons]

Downloading the official WhatsApp is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is go to the play store and install it over the phone. Due to the simple and easy-to-understand interface, the messaging experience comes out great.

However, there’s no denying that this messaging app didn’t provide additional software. Therefore, you are searching for a better alternative.

If you are looking for endless customization in WhatsApp, you can try out GBWhatsApp Pro. It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp mods with essential messaging features and additional feature support.

Since it’s a modified application, you won’t find this app on the Google Play Store as the mods apk didn’t fall in the terms and conditions. 

Therefore, you have to visit some authentic websites to download GB WhatsApp Pro, but some issues can be. One of them is that you didn’t feel able to install GBWhatsApp on your android phone.

GBWhatsApp Not Installing

Reasons Why GB WhatsApp Pro is Not Installing

There could be numerous reasons for GBWhatsApp Pro not being installed over the phone. We have covered some of the common problems and their solutions in the following list. 

Check Errors in Phone

The app screen will show some error messages. One of the prominent reasons is that your device might not have enough internal storage to run this application.

In this situation, you can clean up the storage according to the requirement. The same thing can apply to Google accounts. 

On the other hand, your device may be loaded with lots of cache data, which can slow down your phone’s performance. To solve this case, you have to clear the cache of each app and try to reinstall the application.

Low Storage in Device

One of the major reasons why GBWhatsApp Pro is not installed is that your device didn’t have enough storage space to support the app.

As we have mentioned in the previous section, we recommend you clean up roughly 1 GB of space to use the GB WhatsApp Pro over your android phone smoothly. After making some space, you will quickly install the apk without any problem. 

Enable Unknown Sources Installation

You might face a temporary problem while downloading this app. Your device didn’t allow you to install anything from an unknown source, unlike a genuine source like the Google Play store.

But, if you want to utilize this feature, you can just enable the settings function to install GBWhatApp from an unknown source. 

For that, follow the given instruction!

  • Access the Settings App.
  • Click on the Security option.
  • Allow the Unknown Source toggle. 

Older Android OS Version

Usually, if the device is below Android 4.0 OS, it won’t support the WhatsApp-modified application. However, there’s a high chance that the phone you are using has the above Android 4.0 OS interface. So, there’s nothing to worry about.


These four issues are the most common reason why GBWhatsApp Pro is not installed on any android phone. I hope that you get the information you are looking for, and if you face any problems updating the app, you can get the latest version from this post. 

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