GioWhatsApp APK v8.50 Download Official 2024 (Anti-Ban)

File Name
Package Name
Compatible with
4.0.3 and up
30 MB
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Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
Apr 26, 2023

Are you looking for the latest version of GioWhatsApp 2024? Yes, you have come across the correct location.

WhatsApp is one of the particular apps that become an integral part of our life. You will see that lots of people around you are using this messaging app and sharing memes, stories, videos, images, etc. But we all have to face the dilemma of not getting enough features in the messaging app although they have implemented the payment methods options in the recent update rollout.

But the problem is that you didn’t obtain impressive customization features. In that situation, you begin the quest of finding an apt WhatsApp mod that fits your requirement, right? Here I will present to you the GioWhatsApp which offers an elegant set of traits, which you won’t find in regular client WhatsApp. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get more info about this mod apk!

GioWhatsApp APK

What is GioWhatsApp APK

The GioWhatApp APK is known for its fast updates, and you will also gain a different set of features. It’s far better than regular WhatsApp, and there are lots of things you can do in your free time.

Besides the frequent updates, the mod app also renders a seamless smooth experience while using the app. Plus, there’s no denying that you won’t have any mod messaging app in the Android ecosystem. 

Now that you have grasped the information about the GioWA. Let’s have a go-to list of features!


You will get tons of exciting and unique features and attribute options with the latest version GioWA. Check out the list of features to enjoy later on!

  • Get the Anti-ban code.
  • You will attain control settings such as hiding your online status.
  • Nobody will be able to see your blue tick notifications.
  • View your contacts’ stories without being noticed by them.
  • You will get advanced traits such as hide voice and video call buttons. 
  • Download your contact statuses with a single tap.
  • There are new features to back up and restore chat data.
  • Customize font styles, colors, and sizes of the interface.
  • Add different themes and wallpapers.
  • And So on! 

Download GioWhatsApp APK

GioWhatsApp Logo

The GioWhatsApp APK is pretty popular in the tech community, and it’s quite easy to download on any android phone without any problem. Before you download GioWhatsApp on your phone, you are required to fulfill the basic requirements, so you install this WhatsApp mod. The essential requirement is the Android operating system and having enough internal storage space on your phone. 

Both of them are necessary to begin the installation process. Besides this, you need to ensure that you download and install the GioWhatsApp from a trusted source. We have thoroughly checked this mod apk and didn’t find any problem during our usage. We have rendered the download button in the following section for your convenience.

Get the reliable and secure GioWhatsApp app experience with us. On a side note, you also need to avoid other malicious websites since there’s a high chance that malware or virus might be inside the app. With that, your device will eventually start to malfunction. In that case, make sure to download GioWhatsApp from a reliable source to attain a secure and safe user app experience.

How to Install?

There’s always a common theme that if you don’t take a complete backup of your chats and media data, all the data will be wiped out when you install WhatsApp on other devices. Besides this, you are required to uninstall the official WhatsApp. So you can utilize the GioWhatsApp without any problem though you can’t retrieve your data in case of backup failure. 

The process of installing GioWhatsApp is not that difficult, but it could be a hassle and troublesome task as you have to follow a lengthy process. That’s why we have trimmed down the procedures to the shortest and most effective route, so let’s move toward the installation method. 

Before installing GioWhatsApp on any android phone

Before starting the download process of GioWhatsApp, let’s check out how you can back up data on any android phone. Follow the instructions to save your data!

  • Access the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings Menu
  • Next, you have to click on the Chats option
  • Following this, press the Chat Backup
  • Lastly, tap on the Backup Now button

With this, your data will be stored in the cloud storage, and it can be restored anytime when you log in with your account.

The next thing you need to perform is allow permission to download from the unknown process. So without any further ado, let’s begin the procedure. 

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down to Security options
  • Inside this, enable the Unknown Source toggle

With this instruction, you can easily download any file from third-party websites on Google. 

How to Download and Install GioWhatsApp APK

Now, let’s get down to business and install the GioWhatsApp APK.

  1. First of all, uninstall the official WhatsApp from your android device.
  2. Next, you have to download the GioWhatsApp in the internal storage.
  3. Navigate to the app location present inside the download section; click on it.
  4. Install option pop-up will appear on the screen; tap on it. 
  5. After the installation process ends, open the app.
  6. Inside the app, you have to select Agree and Continue.
  7. Now, verify your mobile number and Copy your data. 
  8. Click on the Restore button to retrieve chat and media data. 
  9. That’s it! You have successfully installed the GioWhatsApp. 

How to Update Gio WhatsApp to Latest Version?

The latest version of GioWhatsApp not only provides immersive features but also fixes bugs and issues and always checks for updates since it’s not the official app. Moreover, you won’t find the solution from the Google Play store because this app violates the policies of the AppStore platform. 

In that situation, the last resort is trusted sources that frequently provide the latest update of GioWhatsApp. In this post, you will find the newest version every time you visit. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I download GioWhatsApp?

Complete minimum requirements to download GioWhatsApp such as Android 7 OS above software and sufficient storage and ensure to take backup. Lastly, click on the download button from this post.

How do I install GioWhatsApp?

The process of installing GioWhatsApp is pretty simple, just follow the below step to install this mod apk successfully.

1. Backup your chat data on an official app
2. Delete the official app
3. Click on the download link 
4. Tap on the GioWhatsApp
5. Press the Install button
6. Lastly, set up your account

How do I update GioWhatsApp?

You won’t find the update on the Google Play Store, but you can get it from a reliable source. From time to time, you need to check for the latest update to attain astounding features.


GioWhatsApp will provide you with next-level settings and features that you usually won’t notice on regular WhatsApp. You can enjoy advanced-level customization traits and obtain security features. 

Are you ready to unleash the GioWhatsApp power? get it now and tell us your experience in the following comment section. Meanwhile, we will meet in yet WhatsApp mod apk recommendation. 

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