How To Install WhatsApp Plus On PC [2024 Updated]

In the recent update, the official WhatsApp application arrives with numerous new and exciting features. Besides this, the app makers usually launched user-centric attributes in every update.

Moreover, the active users of WhatsApp cross more than 100+ million. But, it might not be able to fulfill the requirement of techie users. There, the modified application kicks in such as WhatsApp Plus APK.

The WhatsApp Plus is an impressive features mod apk that brings robust traits, customization options, and many more things. You can even change the interface settings according to your choices.

But, it’s sad to tell you that using WhatsApp Plus on PC would be difficult since the modified application didn’t provide the QR scanner features. Even though you somehow got connected, you won’t be able to utilize those impressive features.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus On PC

But it doesn’t mean you can’t install WhatsApp Plus on a PC. You can install it, and for that, you will need to download and install Android emulator software to seamlessly run android applications without any hassle.

So, without any further ado, let’s head toward the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus on a computer.

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Steps To Install Whatsapp Plus On PC?

As I have pointed out earlier, WhatsApp Plus is not designed to run on a computer. Besides this, you can install WhatsApp Plus on any android phone, while if you want to unleash those customization features on the PC/Desktop, you will need an android emulator.

With that, you can install WhatsApp Plus on your PC and enjoy those astounding characteristics. Follow the below walkthrough to use modified WhatsApp on your Windows computer and enjoy the upcoming exciting journey. 

  • You have to start by downloading the android emulator software. We highly recommend you use Bluestacks software, but if you have something other than software in your mind, you are free to use that as well. 
  • To initialize the download process, head toward the website and grab the latest version to obtain the best experience possible. Click on the Download button.
  • Once you have downloaded and set up the Bluestacks.exe software file, open the app.
  • Now, download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus over the computer. You can download the following version. 
  • Inside the Bluestacks application, you have to tap o the Install section. 
  • Following this, navigate to the recently downloaded WhatsApp Plus apk folder location. 
  • Next, select WA Plus and continue the process by pressing the install button. 
  • After the installation process ends, enter into the WhatsApp application.
  • Enter the registration details and insert the OTP to get started with WhatsApp Plus on your PC. 

With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to install WhatsApp Plus on a PC without any problem. Moreover, you can try out different things that permit you to change the internal app’s settings.

Get the best themes and fonts according to your wish and create a personalized ecosystem without any further ado.

Apart from installing this application, you can also install other Android applications with the Bluestacks software in the meanwhile.

In short, you can enjoy the same android apps and games on a PC. So what are you waiting for? Go get that right away!

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The first-hand experience with WhatsApp Plus and the original application would be similar, although, once you start using the application for a while, you will notice those impressive features.

Moreover, you will obtain numerous attributes from which you can attain an impressive customization experience. So, without any further, let’s check out the features.

  • You can customize the interface settings according to your wish.
  • Add long text status of up to 225 characters.
  • You can hide double tick, blue tick, and hide active status.
  • Stealth checks out other users’ statuses without being noticed by them.
  • Easily share more than 50MB+ videos without any hassle. 
  • Create a special chat menu to hide specific chats
  • You broadcast various scheduled messages with a single click. 
  • Share more than 90+ images without any restriction. 
  • Replace the WhatsApp icon with something unique and exciting. 
  • Protect your important chats with an in-built vault system.
  • The app supports more than 100+ languages.

You can consider all of these features as you have only scratched the surface. There are tons of attributes, modes, and features that allow you to enhance the user’s experience.

Besides this, you will also obtain impressive software experience. Moreover, there are several other mod apk options present in the market. Some of them are GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why Cannot install WhatsApp Plus?

There could be various reasons why can’t install WhatsApp Plus. Majorly, if you have no clear cache or didn’t allow permission to install from an unknown source. 

Can we use two WhatsApp on one phone?

You can use two different WhatsApp whether it’s two mod applications or you are using a clone app. Everything will work out. But, if you are using the mod application, there’s a high chance of getting banned from the official app.

Does WhatsApp plus still work?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus works on any android phone. Download the latest version and register details to enjoy those immersive features traits. 

Why is WhatsApp plus banned?

It’s correctly stated in the WhatsApp terms and conditions if someone is using an altered version of the official app, the servers have the right to ban the user’s account. 

Is WhatsApp Plus safe?

You can safely use the WhatsApp Plus app and enjoy the customization settings. But, there is a slight risk of malware and virus attacks.


We have covered everything regarding how to install WhatsApp Plus on a PC! With this guide, you can easily download and install the messaging app and chat with your family and friends without any hassle.

Apart from this, experience those astounding features on the computer as well. Aside from this, if you come across any issues while following the walkthrough, just let us know in the comment section to attain the correct solution ASAP.

Meanwhile, share this content with your friends and family who need to know about this!

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