JTWhatsApp APK v9.75 Download (Anti-Ban) 2024 Official

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4.0 and up
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Jul 22, 2023

Do you aspire to unlock the potential of your ordinary WhatsApp? Are you bored of the never-changing WhatsApp UI and look? Then we have got hold of you. You are at the right place since we are coming over with an excellent solution for you.

Here in this article, we have provided all the information and related links about JTWhatsApp 2024 to make this process smoother for you.

WhatsApp, the most popular free messaging app globally, has been a synonym for online messaging for over a decade. Sharing media and voice notes in just a few taps have also become very handy.

While most of the users of regular WhatsApp are satisfied, many others admire the app but feel some features are missing here and there.

There are still a lot of scopes to customize and personalize the User Interface according to one’s own needs and demands. Mod apps have been able to do it quite effectively.

One such mod apk we have presented in front of you is the JT WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular WA Mods, and it might be the destination you are looking for.

WhatsApp+ JiMODs JTWhatsApp

About JTWhatsApp

Talking about JT WhatsApp, it may be considered a re-mod of the original Fouad WhatsApp. Developed by Jim El Rezzi, it presents us with many added attributes. It comes up with limited but a lot of valuable features.

So, it’s not even memory consuming too, like many other modded apps that are popular. As a result, it also works on low-end phones very satisfactorily. So this gives it an edge over all the other similar modded apps available.

In this article, you may check out the features it gets itself equipped with, use your own conscience and decide whether it will be a perfect pick for you or not.

We have made the steps to download and install the app pretty convenient and effortless for you and made the whole process hassle-free.

Note: Being a modified app, the users might have a chance to get banned from the official app. Don’t worry, as we have also rendered the anti-ban app to avoid that problem, and you can install WhatsApp+ JiMODs APK on any android phone. But as friendly advice, use your secondary disposable number to experience those features. Because if something goes wrong, you won’t be able to retrieve data, so a warning in advance to do it at your own risk.

Download WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp)

WhatsApp+ JiMODs JTWhatsApp

Here is a detailed video on how to install JT WhatsApp, its use, and its features.

What’s New in v9.75

  • It is not very bulky but lightweight, a feature not very often seen in its counterparts.
  • Many attractive and unique themes to choose from.
  • You can change the style, size, and color of fonts in the way you like.
  • Now sending large media files in a single tap is easier than ever. Thanks to its increased limit on sending videos or images.
  • In the official version, the quality of a picture is downgraded when sent. In this mod, you can transmit HD images without worrying about the decrease in image clarity.
  • If you are wondering what on earth the deleted message is sent to you, or if you want to watch the deleted story of any person, then JT WhatsApp has bought you the Anti-Revoke feature in which you can retain the deleted message.
  • You can check out anybody’s status directly from the chat screen itself.
  • You can choose whoever may call you.

More Useful Features

  • Dual themes
  • Hide your last online status without exposing yours
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Freeze last seen
  • Lots of stickers/emoji
  • No Ads
  • And many more

How to Download and Install on Android?

Disclaimer: Our blog post is not responsible for any damage to users’ devices or accounts. Kindly perform the following steps on your risk. Make sure to back up data and install the anti-ban link.

You can use it as your secondary WhatsApp account. So you may not need to remove the original version of the app.

Still, if you want to make it a primary account, you will first need to take a backup of the official WhatsApp. After that, you may follow these steps.

  1. Download the JTWhatsapp APK package from the link given in our article.
  2. Upon installing the apk, the phone may ask you to allow installation from unknown sources from the settings. Tick on Allow Installation from unknown sources.
  3. After that, on installing, it will ask for some permissions and to verify your phone number. Provide them.
  4. You may need first to install or restore the backup if you want.

That was it. Nobody would have believed it would be that simple. Right? Now have fun customizing the look and personalizing it according to your preference. Also, don’t forget to check out the USP features we have already mentioned in this article.

Limitations and Potential Risks

These WhatsApp mods undoubtedly provide extra utility and perks in general. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The JT WhatsApp APK and all other mod Apks in the market arrive with their own risks and limits. Some of them have been discussed here.

  • These Apps not controlled by the Play Store may pose a threat.
  • WhatsApp may ban your number if it catches you out using the modded version of their app.
  • Your personal data and chats are not safe and secure, and you may use them for all the wrong reasons.
  • On installation, this kind of app asks for many permissions that are totally unnecessary to install the app. The user may grant them access to other domains of your phone, which is never a good idea.


So there is no doubt that the JTWhatsApp APK Latest packs up itself with a lot of extraordinary features and a tempting User Interface.

Still, it has successfully managed to keep itself pretty lean, which is a remarkable thing on its own.

So we think you may be curious as to amuse yourself (or maybe show off in front of others) with this mod app.

However, we always advise you to be careful and responsible for using mod apks.

At last, we would like to ask what you think of this crazy mod if you have already downloaded the JT WhatsApp.

How were your experience, any difficulties you faced, and what plus points have you encountered? Feel free to write it down below.

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