WhatsApp Prime APK v19.41.1 Latest (Anti-Ban) 2023 Official

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WhatsApp Prime
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4.0 and up
66 MB
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Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
Feb 2, 2023

Do you want to unlock the fascinating features of mod WhatsApp? You can Download WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK. With this app, you will attain lots of exciting features.

There are tons of chatting applications present in the market; Such as Telegram, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and many more. But not all of them get as popular as the WhatsApp application.

It has different levels of the user base. Alongside this, there are more than 100+ million monthly active users using this messaging app. Apart from this, there are tons of options, but you still like WhatsApp.

But on the other hand, the boring layout is an eyesore, in that case, let me present you with the latest WhatsApp Prime. This mod apk arrives with lots of exciting features that grant impressive customization features that you might not get on the regular instant chatting platform.

Following this, you can also modify the dull wallpaper settings to obtain something more marvelous. 

WhatsApp Prime

In this blog post, you will obtain the famous mod version. With that said, let’s talk about this app. You can check out other options like YoWhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, WhatsApp Delta, WhatFapp, and many more. 

About WhatsApp Transparent Prime

WhatsApp Transparent Prime is pretty similar to most mod WhatsApp, but it’s also true that this apk has many similar features to the GBWhatsApp Pro. If you are one of those tech geeks that have experience with both the official and modded version messenger apps, you will like this app. The WhatsApp Transparent Prime arrives with advanced-level customization and a superb user experience. 

Aside from the classic user experience, the app also provides astounding security features that make your life a little easier than before. Moreover, you will also attain dedicated private chatting features. And loads of hidden traits are waiting to be unlocked. You will receive the most curious customization traits that make the app interface work according to your desire.

Unlike the official app, you can also change the font style, layout, and WhatsApp icon to some extent. But at the same time, there’s no denying that if you are using any mod apk, there’s a slight chance that your account can get banned. To avoid this problem, WhatsApp Transparent Prime arrives with Anti-ban features too. 

Now that you understand how impressive attributes you will receive. So what are you waiting for to download WhatsApp Transparent Prime right away?


WhatsApp Transparent Prime comes with almost similar features set as the GBWhatsApp, but in this app, you will get better execution and experience than that outdated mod apk.

But not anymore! Once you have downloaded this mod, you indulge yourself with those incredible characteristics. So, check out the immersive features of Transparent Prime APK

  • Unique themes options are available
  • Better performance output
  • Convenient customization options
  • Non-revoke message and status choice
  • Share large-size video files with no issue
  • Create Mirror WhatsApp
  • Enhance User-interface ecosystem
  • A transparent display option is obtainable
  • Several hidden features
  • Next-level security traits
  • Improved Do Not Disturb feature and Anti-ban system
  • No problem in sharing up to 1GB data file precisely

Now that you have grasped information about the primary aspect of this mod apk. Therefore, let’s dive into the ocean and see what is working on those robust traits in the following section. 

Briefly Explanation of Features

We have covered the core elements and features of WhatsApp Transparent in the following part. If you are aware of those exciting features, you can move to the next section, according to your desire. But wait, if you want to thoroughly understand and use them, you can enjoy them in a better way. 

Improved user interface and performance

In WhatsApp Prime, you will acquire lots of impressive features including an improvised user interface and performance experience. Both aspects of this modified application work in every condition. With this, you will receive a seamlessly smooth chatting experience with your friends and family. Plus, everything works out fabulous, and you can also enhance the overall appearance of the app without any hassle. 

Upgraded Privacy Features

The WhatsApp Transparent prime arrives with exciting privacy privileges. That includes features; like freezing the last status, hiding the blue tick, and saving deleted messages and stories. The list can go on and on. Apart from this, you can perform the usual things you used to do on the official WhatsApp. For instance, hiding your profile pic, limiting the number of people who will see your status, blocking contact, and many more.

Better customization on a larger scale

What’s up? Trying offers you better customization features compared to the regular official messaging app. Usually, you won’t get that many customization options in the official app, like changing the font style, adding different themes, and modifying the layout. Now, anything you want in the interface is possible with this WhatsApp mod. 

Improved Hidden features

The advanced hidden features are the backbone of every mod APK. Besides this, it’s one of the primary reasons why WhatsApp incorporation started banning different modified application accounts. Therefore, using this feature can also make your account banned so do it at your own risk.

  • No one has the power to see your blue tick button
  • Freeze your last-seen message to ghost contacts
  • Hide the received (double-tick) message
  • Watch other people’s status without their knowing
  • You can read deleted messages from chat threads
  • You can remove the date and time while copying the message
  • No need to worry about the forward tag anymore

DND mode and Anti-ban system

Do not disturb mode on WhatsApp prime is an astounding and advanced feature. It leverages a great experience because you can focus on work without being bothered by annoying messages.

Following this, the Anti-ban system has improved A lot compared to the previous generation. And if you are using WhatsApp prime, you won’t face account ban issues compared to the other mod WhatsApp applications.

Sharing of media files on a large scale

Usually, while using the official app, you are limited to sharing several photos and videos at once. But WhatsApp transparent prime comes with the option to share large-scale media files without any hassle.

You can share up to 1GB data file precisely. Furthermore, you didn’t have to compromise with the videos and image quality. You will obtain the best resolution sharing results, thanks to WhatsApp Prime.

WhatsApp Prime APK Download

WhatsApp Prime Logo

WhatsApp Prime is a great mod WhatsApp version, you can download it from the above section. Unlike other mod apk, you will obtain lots of ample features that make your user experience fabulous. 

Chat with your friends and family without being bothered by any privacy and security features. Also, add customization in the app interface to create a personalized ecosystem that works according to your desire.

Besides this, make sure that your phone covers the bare minimum requirements. It includes the android version and insufficient storage. If you have both, you are ready to download WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK without any further ado. Now that you have understood the download procedure, let’s move to our next goal to install WhatsApp Prime on any android phone. 

Installation Process

Before you move toward the installation guide for WhatsApp Prime Apk, we recommend you take a complete chat backup to avoid any trouble once you have installed this mod apk.

If you have switched phones before, you may know the process. You can skip this part if you know how to take a chat backup on WhatsApp. With that said, let’s visit the steps section. 

  • Open the official client WhatsApp 
  • Click on the Setting button (three-dot)
  • Tap on the Chat option from the menu
  • Next, pick the Backup Chat option
  • Finally, tap on the Backup Now 

After completing the chat backup, you can move to the next section and delete official WhatsApp. Before this, you have allowed the unknown source download option from the settings menu. 

  • Access the Settings App
  • Scroll down and click on the Security option
  • Tap on the Unknown Source Toggle
  • That’s it!

With that setting on, you won’t face any problem downloading WhatsApp Prime over your android phone without any hassle now. Let’s follow the steps to install this mod. 

  • Go to the download folder and click on the mod apk
  • Inside the pop-up screen, select the install button
  • Once the process end, you have to tap on the finish 
  • Open the WhatsApp Prime app
  • Tap on the Agree and Continue option
  • Enter your mobile number details
  • Verify using the OTA message
  • Allow all the incoming permission options
  • Select whether you want to retrieve the backup or skip
  • After this, you can set your profile pic and username.
  • Start a conversation with your contact without any further ado 

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp Prime on your android phone without any trouble. Now, you can try out different and exciting personalized features. 

How to Update WhatsApp Prime APK to Latest Version?

There’s no denying that once you have entered into the customization world of WhatsApp mods, you will start noticing different settings and functions that you might not have ever seen in the official updates. Apart from this, all the things we have covered in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. 

You will get impressive and futuristic features without any problem. Go to get the latest version of the WhatsApp Prime APK, and bookmark this page. We provide WhatsApp mod updates frequently, and whenever you visit this page, you will obtain the newest version. To stay updated in the future, just bookmark the page to enjoy the latest attributes. 

What is Anti-Revoke?

WhatsApp Prime arrives with pretty robust features known as Anti-revoke. It’s one of the most efficient and exciting traits that can be found in the mod WhatsApp. Besides this, it allows users to read the deleted message and watch stories even though the other person has already deleted them from all. 

When you have sent a message by mistake or written something you didn’t want, you can delete the message from all settings. But with this mod apk, you can easily see what other people write, thanks to the Anti-Revoke features. 


What is WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK?

WhatsApp Transparent Prime apk is a modified version that grants ample customization features. Apart from this, you will get advanced security and privacy factors that make the overall experience great. Though, it gives almost similar vibes to GBWhatsApp but offers better performance and user experience.

How do I download WhatsApp Transparent Prime?

Your phone needs to complete the minimum requirement before downloading WhatsApp Transparent Prime on your android phone. The phone needs to have above Android 4.0 OS with enough internal storage. Download the app from this post.

How do I use WhatsApp Transparent Prime on Android?

First, you have to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent Prime on android phones. Then, open the app and agree on the terms. Verify your number > Retrieve backup > Start the chat.

Follow the steps to start chatting on WhatsApp Transparent Prime.

1. Open the messenger app
2. Click on the message box present at the bottom screen
3. Select the contact you want to start the conversation
4. That’s it!

Is WhatsApp Transparent Prime Safe?

Using any WhatsApp mod comes with its risk. Generally, WhatsApp Transparent Prime provides an anti-ban system that reduces the account ban probabilities. But, there’s still a slight chance that the user’s account might get banned. In that situation, we recommend using the spare number to avoid any trouble.

Do I need to take a chat backup before installing WhatsApp Transparent Prime?

Yes, you need to take chat backup on the official WhatsApp to efficiently use WhatsApp Transparent Prime later on. Follow the steps to take backup.

1. Access the WhatsApp
2. Click on the Settings
3. Tap on the Chat option
4. Press on the Backup Chats
5. Finally, click on Backup Now


Looks like you have come across to the end and attained those incredible features without experience. WhatsApp Prime is a great option for anyone who wants to get a smooth mod experience with remarkable security features.

Despite all the efforts, if you still encounter any problems while installing or downloading this app, do let us know in the comment section to solve the issue precisely. Meanwhile, check out our other informative WhatsApp mod.

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