YoWhatsApp APK v9.74E Download Feb 2024 (Anti-Ban) Official

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Jul 22, 2023

Are you looking for a way to download YoWhatsApp? Yes, you are! As we all know it offers unimaginable customization options and features that provide users with an exceptional experience.

This mod apk will give customized traits, including calling, viewing status, sending high-quality photos and videos, and many more things without any fee.

YoWhatsApp APK

On the other hand, you have time to understand the whole walkthrough; then, I would like to welcome you to this post, where you get different versions of Yo WhatsApp and acquire information about the respective vital features.

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What is YoWhatsApp?

To begin with Yo WhatsApp, it any other WhatsApp Mod, this app provides additional features for customization.

But you further get privacy features that will unlock new traits. Apart from this, create a personalized interface, set different wallpapers, add a specific background layout for the particular contact, and use fantastic font styles.

Send high-quality photos and videos up to 700MB sending limits, and hide contact names from the chats.

Note: Being a modified app, the users might have a chance to get banned from the official app. Worry not, as we have also rendered the anti-ban app to avoid that problem, and you can install YoWhatsApp on any android phone.

But as a pro tip, use your secondary disposable number to experience those features. Because if something goes wrong, you won’t be able to retrieve data, so do it at your own risk.

Download YoWhatsApp APK

Note: YoWhatsApp is available for all android devices where it’s a flagship Samsung, Oneplus, Asus, Vivo, and Oppo to mid-ranger Redmi, Relame, iQOO, and Infinix or Tecno. You will get this mod apk for every brand!

You can also watch be below video.

Features of YoWhatsApp By Yousef

  • Freeze last seen 
  • Hide status seen
  • Remove blue tick
  • Anti-ban
  • Anti-delete message
  • Lots of stickers/emoji
  • Dark mode available
  • Based update
  • Improvised themes
  • Go stealth mode to view staus
  • Better Animations options
  • More Stickers and emoji
  • The dark mode is feasible
  • And many more

Yo WhatsApp (YoWA) Previous Versions

If you have an older version Android device, worry not. We have also prepared an old version of YoWA that will be capable run on those phones.

Why use YoWA?

The mod Apks popularity is skyrocketing as people are looking for an alternative or better version of the official apps; a big thanks to giving to those developers and tech enthusiasts who create those apps.

Mainly, there’s only one reason you want to install Yo WhatsApp; it is due to the several customization traits missing in the official app. Apps like GBWhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, and more are trying to fill the holes where the original app lacks.

WhatsApp is a simple yet reliable messaging app that brings tons of great features. You will find this app on every android device; whether it’s an entry-level Xiaomi phone or a flagship-level Samsung, the app has become common in the norm. Although, it limits the customization possibilities.

Now, let’s combine the convenient features with the exciting custom traits! Yes, it sounds intriguing. The combo of that will be the YoWhatsApp that will fulfill the needs of a tech enthusiast guy. Apart from this, we have listed the primary feature of this MOD in the following section.

Features in Detail

Below we have covered all the features of this MOD in detail. If you want to know more about this WhatsApp Mod before installing it, it is beneficial to check its features first and then install it.


The original application didn’t render that many interesting customization features, and there are several times when users feel that the messaging interface looks a bit boring. It needs a few renovations to improvise the overall experience.

However, the YoWhatsApp can quickly help you because it offers tons of in-app themes from which you can change the chatting home screen alongside the conversation screen. So, let’s visit those fascinating options. 

  1. YoThemes Store: The boring layout of all repetitive designs and themes might give the sign to settle down with ordinary things. But, if you want to cross the limits and bring fantastic features, you can download the YoWhatsApp which provides an extensive directory consisting of more than 4000+ themes that will modify the appearance. Moreover, you didn’t have to pay a single fee since they are free. 
  2. Customize Home and Conversation Screen: After using the same old-fashion home screen, if you want to try something new, you can check out the YoWA that permits users to change every section of the chats. Whether it’s the background, text size, color bars, or you want a unique theme, this mod apk will render all your wishes in one place. Besides this, some exclusive features allow users to enhance the home screen.

Universal Mods

The YoWA has several impressive features that can provide exceptional support in different situations, while the application offers endless options for better convenience, so let’s have a look!

  1. Modify Launcher Icons – Looking for a new WhatsApp launcher icon so that you can outshine your friend circle! Yes, you want to change the launcher icon, and you can perform that with the YoWhatsApp aid. Moreover, you didn’t need a third-party mod apk or theme apk to change those settings. 
  2. App Language Change – The YoWA is compatible with many international languages, and you can set anything you desire to use while using the app. There are Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Italian, Turkish, and several other languages that you can utilize. 
  3. Easy close conversation screen – There are numerous instances where you want to hide your chat from your friends or family if you are chatting with your newly acquired girlfriend/boyfriend. Someone finds out in the initial, and they will tease you later. In that case, the YoWA provides a feature that allows you to close the conversation screen by merely swiping left to avoid those people. 
  4. Conversation Cards – When you chat with your friends and antiqueness daily, it becomes a relative mess on the home screen. But with the YoWA, you can convert those chats to conversation cards by tapping on the recent chats. This feature will work on the Android 5.0 or above update device accurately. 
  5. Enable/Disable message counter – When you indulge in serving your career and working hard to pay due to bills, if that time a notification appears and disturbs your working flow, it would be annoying. With this WhatsApp mod, you can altogether disable the messages and do your work without hassle while avoiding distraction. 
  6. Disable Audio Playing Status Notification – Whenever the audio or voice starts, a pop-up notification appears in the notification bars in the official application. You can even disable that icon from the YoWA settings and enjoy the personalized experience. 

Home Screen Mods

The things you can perform on the mod apk home screen will not let down your feelings as this app will allow you to entirely change the boring interface into something exciting and appealing by adding new custom features. Here are a few features!

  1. Contact Online Notifier – There are few persons in your life that you want to talk to frequently; maybe they are colleagues or loved ones! Once you set these features, you will get a notification whenever that selected contact comes online. It can be utilized when you have an urgent meeting on a video call. 
  2. Change the text size of the Home Screen – Change the text size according to your wish; whether you want a big letter or a small one, everything is possible with the YoWA settings precisely. So, transform the home screen quickly. 
  3. Set your name on the app home screen – Everything is under your control, and to prove that, you can even set your mane and status on the app’s home +screen while changing them is also possible. 
  4. Hide Chats Divider – The chats are divided by thin lines, but you can remove them with these features that will simultaneously render aesthetic looks to the interface. 

Conversation Screen Mods

Make the conversation experience exceptional and immersive with the conversation screen modification features that will give a premium and personalized feel when you enter the app. Let’s have a look!

  1. Set custom Wallpaper per contact – Throw away those dull and repetitive themes and equip distinctive on the conversation screen. Besides this, you can also set a custom wallpaper for special contacts. A lover’s theme for the crush and a fun theme for the boss conversation screen to always stay calm in front of them.
  2. Hide Date and Time when copying messages – When you copy messages from other chats, you might have noticed several times that the unnecessary date and time info is also duplicated in the text. With this mod apk, you can remove those useless things once and for all.
  3. Hide Contact Profile Picture – If you don’t want to see the profile photo of a specific contact, you can hide that without blocking them since you might not want to soar your relationship with them. On the other hand, the name will be visible to you.
  4. Hide Contact Name and Call Button – In contrast to the previous features, this feature hides the user’s name and call button while granting an aesthetic conversation screen appearance. Though, the photo still is visible to you.

Other Exciting Features of YoWhatsApp

Apart from the primary customization features on the chat and home screen, several other exciting options are available in the YoWhatsApp that permit you to perform extraordinary things without any worry. Here are those features!

  1. Send Videos Up to 700 MBs – In the official app, there is a limitation that you can send video files if it extends the cap. But with YoWhatsApp, you can send up to 700 MB of data video files since you don’t have to be compressive with the high-quality resolution.
  2. Send Images In Full Resolution – The image resolution in the official app is downgraded when sending an image file. This app allows you to send photos without decreasing the resolution in any manner so that you can send high-quality pictures to your friends and family. 
  3. Send More Than 10 Images Simultaneously – Compared to the official app where the photos are sent one by one, you can directly send more than ten images simultaneously to cut the duration in half or even less. 
  4. Built-in Whatsapp locker – No one can enter your personal WhatsApp as you have implanted that in-app vault that will only open through your biometric authentication or the P.I.N. you have set. 


Several articles on the internet point out that internet privacy is a myth, and tech giants can extract your data with the right set of tools.

Even big brands also use those data for marketing their product and getting more information about you. With the new policies of WhatsApp, the app might share your data on Facebook (Meta).

But Yousef Al-Basha is inspired to make a convenient messaging app loaded with many privacy features. So, let’s glance at Yo WhatsApp features in the following section. 

1.) Who Can Call Me? – This feature offers the option to block specific contacts that can call you out of the blue, and you might have felt people in your contact usually call for telemarketing purposes or M.L.M. stuff.

You can enable that feature by entering the user’s profile and turning it on that feature there. Once it has been done, the other person won’t call you since the call will be dropped whenever they try.

But it’s not recommended to apply to the essential people in your life, as they might not be able to call in case of an emergency. 

2.) Freeze Last Seen – There are several encounters where you didn’t want to show your last seen for personal reasons. It’s for ghosting a few people, right? With this trait, you didn’t have to worry about replying to anyone immediately as your last seen is frozen. Moreover, it also hides your last-seen message info. 

3.) Show Blue Ticks After Reply – In the official app, you and the other person will see the blue tick when the receiver opens the message.

But in the YoWhatsApp, you will receive specific features when you reply to the message; only then will the Bluetick be shown.

Besides this, it also hides the typing status, so none will find out that you have how much time you have taken to reply to your crush. 

4.) Anti-Delete Messages – Regarding deleting the message, there are a few options available in the official apps, such as deleting from the users to deleting from both parties.

But with this mod apk, everything will be in front of your eyes as even after your friend has deleted the message, you still know what they said. It’s like you are batman that knows others’ darkest intentions. 

5.) Anti-Delete Status – This feature is quite helpful for those people who are always late to see the status.

On top of that, the users will also get a chance to see the status that has been deleted alongside the old status. In short, the Anti-delete status is impressive to stay connected with friends without being left out. 

6.) Hide View Status – With this feature, you can go under stealth mode and see other people’s statuses without disclosing your presence.

In simple words, your name will not be seen in the Status view section. You can still see your contact status, but they can’t see yours, isn’t that cool?

Is Yo WhatsApp safe?

While using any WhatsApp mod, users always have concerns about the security and safety features since most apps take several years to roll out new updates. Because of that, users have to deal with bugs and glitches regularly.

Also, it will give mental stress when the occurrence of those problems increases. Hopefully, the latest version of YoWhatsApp is bug-free and checked thoroughly for other issues, so you won’t face any problems after installing this mod apk.

Following that, this app arrives with a bloatware-free and adware-free experience, so what are you waiting for? Download it now to enjoy those fascinating messaging privileges!


YoWhatsApp Infographics


How do I update YoWhatsApp (YoWA)?

Like most mod WhatsApp apps, this app is not featured in the Play store since it’s a rip of the original app and uses the same servers. If you are looking for the latest update, you will easily find that in the post.

What is YoWhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp equips several unique customizations, privacy, and safety features compared to the official messaging app that didn’t encrypt your data.

Moreover, the users will attain tons of features and functionally add themes, wallpapers, fonts, and many more exciting things waiting under the hood.

Where to download YoWhatsApp?

You might have already searched for the YoWhatsApp on the Google Play store but didn’t find any clue about this mod apk because most mods are not available on the app distribution service. You can get the official APK updated from our website (wamods.co).

Why is Yo WhatsApp not installed?

If you cannot install YoWA on your phone, there will be two possible reasons for this issue. The first one is you already have the WhatsApp app or any other Whatsapp Mods installed on your phone.

And secondly, if you have insufficient storage on your phone, try fixing these issues, and you will be able to install it.


There’s no denying that the YoWhatsApp offers similar functionality to the official app while adding the layering of customization that everyone likes.

You can also be the next person to enjoy those impressive features functionally on your phone and experience a whole new level of things. So start your journey!

Lastly, what do you think about this app if you have already downloaded Yo WhatsApp? What were your experience, the problems you faced, and what good things have you encountered? Pen down all of that in the following section!

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