OGWhatsApp Pro APK v17.51 Download 2023 Latest (Official)

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OGWhatsApp Pro
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Compatible with
4.0 and up
69 MB
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Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
Jul 22, 2023

Are you looking for a method to download OGWhatsApp Pro 2023 on any android phone? You have come across the correct place. Here, you will get the latest version with a dedicated installation guide. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey with us!

In the modified WhatsApp ecosystem, there are tons of options that provide you with an impressive set of features. Attaining those features over regular WhatsApp would be meaningless, and the messaging app didn’t take time apart from extracting our data. But still, if I have recommended you a mod WhatsApp, OGWhatsApp Pro is a great option that renders numerous things.

On the other hand, we all know that WhatsApp is the most popular chatting medium regardless of age group. Everyone who has an android or iOS phone has at least once installed this messaging app. From the statistics, they have 100+ million daily users, while downloads in billion. However, they don’t act according to users’ needs; instead, the Meta focuses on interfering with our privacy.

Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about all these hassles since you can download OGWA APK over your phone without any problem. With that said, let’s head toward the introductory section!

About OGWhatsApp Pro

Like any other modded WhatsApp, OGWhatsApp Pro is equipped with several customization features, and simple and easy-to-use functions, and provides a secure messaging experience.

Regardless of this, you didn’t have to pay anything to simply attain the extra privacy and security. Thanks to the developer team who created this mod apk.

You have the key to open the path for hiding your online presence while using the messaging app, and you can also select a specific set of people whom you didn’t want to show your online, typing, or bluetick status without blocking them. With this, you only have scratched the surface, while there are amazing features waiting under the hood.

It can be considered a decent alternative to WhatsApp Plus since you are getting more exciting features. Now that you have grasped the info OGWhatsApp Pro, let’s move to the next section.

OGWhatsApp Pro APK Developers

The first developer of the OGWhatsApp Pro was Team XDA, they released the first variant in 2013. Initially, people thought it was just the original WhatsApp, but eventually, the users understood the drastic difference between them.

In this apk, you don’t have any limitations for anything, you can make a personalized interface and set settings apt according to your needs.

Apart from Team XDA, AlexMods also released their version of OGWhatsApp Pro that provides almost similar traits. But, the primary difference is that the AlexMods version is downloaded in zip file format, and you have to extract that file.

Besides this, ensure that your phone has the bare minimum requirement to download. Though it’s not the problem. But in some cases, the XDA OGWhatsApp Pro version might not work on some devices. Also, XDA developers have discontinued the development.

Recently, the apk developer unveiled the latest update that you can download from the below section.

Download OGWhatsApp Pro APK By AlexMods (Recommended)

Click on the Download button to start the fun! Enjoy the next-level characteristics at your fingertips.


  • Access to Anti-Ban code
  • Based Update on Google Play
  • Offers diverse custom themes
  • Block contacts without hesitation
  • Call users without saving a number
  • And so on!

More About OGWhatsApp Pro APK

The OGWhatsApp Pro released by AlexMods was not long after by XDA, however, due to the initial user’s experience and some errors. The AlexMod’s version didn’t get that much popular, while the downloads of the OGWA app are comparatively less compared to other variants. Hopefully, the developer fixed all the bugs and error issues.

Moreover, you will attain frequent updates with better features and settings options. Go get the latest version of the OGWhatsApp Pro APK by AlexMods version from the below section.


Following this, let’s understand what type of exciting and latest attributes will provide to the users.

  • Fixed bugs issues
  • Hide privacy settings
  • Different custom themes
  • Update Base 
  • And many more

Apart from this, you can also try out different custom-made WhatsApp such as YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro, etc according to your needs. 

On the other hand, if you have to complete the primary requirements to download the OGWhatsApp Pro over your android phone without any hassle. For that, make sure you have an android phone with the Android 4.0 update and sufficient storage to store the app. 

You are getting dependable features and that’s the thing that makes the OGWA different from the rest of the competition. So what is the wait for? Grab the latest version from this article to enjoy the immersive customization and privacy features on your phone.

After downloading this app, you will need the proper installation manual, right? Head toward the next section, and you can easily install the OGWhatsApp Pro APK on any android phone. 

Installation Guide

Now that you have downloaded the app, you need to move to the installation process. In this situation, you have to complete a few pre-requirements to complete the procedure seamlessly. 

The first thing you need to do is start with your WhatsApp chat backup!

  • Open the WhatsApp application 
  • Tap on the three-dot menu option 
  • Go to the Chat options
  • Click on the Chat backup 
  • Finally, tap on the Backup Now

With this, your conversation data will be stored on the cloud storage, and you can access those conversation data when you log in with other phones. 

In the next situation, you may also have to allow the download process from an unknown source. To do so, follow this guide. 

  • Select the Settings app
  • Scroll down and go to the security section
  • Allow the Unknown Source toggle
  • That’s it!

After completing the prerequisites, you can move to the installation of OGWhatsApp Pro without any further ado. 

  1. Click on the recently downloaded OGWhatsApp Pro
  2. In the pop-up screen, tap on the Install button
  3. Once the process end, click on the Finish
  4. Enter into the app and press on Agree Terms and Conditions
  5. Verify your contact details and restore the backup.
  6. Finally, set up your account precisely

That’s all you need to perform! With this, you have successfully downloaded and installed OGWhatsApp Pro on your android phone. Now, let’s have a look at the impressive features that you can recreate on your messaging app. 


As I have earlier mentioned, tons of features will unlock the fascinating customization world and provide better security features that you have never seen before. Are you excited to unfold those traits? Yes, you are! So, let’s visit them to apply the best of the best qualities without any trouble.

Anti Ban APK

Usually what happens when you download a modded WhatsApp is that the official makers banned your account. Besides this, once your account gets banned, you can’t do anything about it. Plus, it’s one of the primary reasons why a tech nerd avoids some mods due to their high ban status. 

But with the OGWhatsApp Pro, you will obtain the Anti-Ban codes that will filter the account and render the best experience possible. Moreover, your account won’t get banned from the official messaging app, and you can freely use those astounding functions and settings. 

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers

In a general situation, you won’t be able to contact a person through WhatsApp if you didn’t save it to your contact list. It’s a big problem for those people who have to do a single transaction or call another party and they won’t need to contact them again. So, saving their numbers goes out of the box.

To solve this hassle, the OGWhatsApp Pro apk features come up with a great solution. In this app, you can make WhatsApp calls even though you haven’t saved the numbers of other users. It’s an excellent feature not only for merchants but also for regular users. With this, message or call anyone without saving the number in the phonebook. 

Built-in Message Scheduler

In regular WhatsApp, you won’t get any options to schedule messages, even though you are using the WhatsApp business. A business needs to take follow-up from the customer and clients, while on the other hand, setting schedule messages solves lots of hassle and time.

In this situation, the OGWhatsApp Pro apk provides robust support with in-built message scheduler features that allow you to create a message and broadcast it to your contact at a specific time. Even if you are not online, everything works as you have planned and reduces a bit of trouble in your life. 

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters

You can create a WhatsApp group with your select contact in a snap and have a meaningful conversation with them. Yet, we all know that some of them will send annoying news, but it’s what makes it worth it. The connections are important. Following this case, you can make the group name more than 25 characters.

The OGWhatsApp Pro solves this problem with its latest version and provides 35+ character limits to create a decent group name. Add your creativity by adding different emojis. 

Built-in Status Download Feature

The official message app provides status features in which the users can share their photos and videos for a 24 hours time slot. You can use text, images, and videos to design status according to your wish. Besides this, you can also view other people’s statuses, except the person who needs to be on your contact list. 

However, there’s no option for downloading those memories that your friends and family shared. But not anymore. With the help of this mod apk, you can download and save those memories on your phone without any problem. Simply, click on the status to download to the media library. 

Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard

For instance, if someone shares an amazing quote that you liked at first glance, but you want the hassle to type all of those characters, then the OGWhatsApp Pro allows you to completely copy the text. Generally, you won’t find this feature in the official app, but with this mod apk, you can copy text status precisely. 

Like the previous features where you can download the image or video status, you can also copy the text status on your clipboard. There’s no need to type it from the start, just copy-paste the text status by merely long-pressing the other status. 

Built-in WhatsApp Locker

You didn’t want anyone to see your chats, right? That’s why you are using third-party apps to secure your WhatsApp conversation! With OGWhatsApp Pro, you will get an in-built WhatsApp locker that protects your chats from prying eyes and can be accessed by password. 

Block specific contact’s call

In the official messaging app, you will attain options to block specific contacts completely. But the OGWhatsApp Pro takes things to the next level as you don’t need to block specific contact. However, you can stop them from calling, and they don’t even know that you have blocked them.

Send Up to Ninety Images At a Time

The official WhatsApp has limits that you can send more than 15 images, while the image quality will drastically drop if you are sharing directly in the jpg format. However, the OGWhatsApp Pro will solve this problem and allow you to send up to 90+ images at once without reducing image resolution. It’s a great option for photography. 

More Characters For Written Status

In terms of written status, the official messaging app will only permit you to send up to 150 characters, while this mod apk allows you to share up to 250+ characters status without much trouble. Isn’t it quite frustrating that you weren’t able to convey the whole message in one status? Not anymore!

People Also Ask

How to Download OGWhatsApp Pro?

You can download OGWhatsApp Pro from this post and make sure your device fulfills the bare minimum requirement with enough storage to download it precisely.

How to Install OGWhatsApp Pro?

Like downloading any android app, you can follow the steps to install OGWhatsApp Pro.

1. Click on the recently downloaded OGWhatsApp Pro APK.
2. Tap on the Install Button
3. After the process, click on Finish.
4. Agree on the Terms and Conditions
5. Verify your number and set up the account


I hope that you understand how to download and install the OGWhatsApp Pro with this post. Now, enter the app interface and change it according to your needs. You can start by adding different font styles and many more things.

Moreover, tell us what is your experience with OG’s exciting features in the following comment section.

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