WhatsApp Plus APK v17.51 Download Feb 2024 (Anti-Ban) Official

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WhatsApp Plus
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Compatible with
4.0 and up
69 MB
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Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
Jan 21, 2024

Are you looking for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus? If yes, kudos, you have come across the right place here you will obtain comprehensive information about this mod in this post.

On the other hand, if you learned how to complete all the download and installation steps while also being aware of the risk factor. So what is waiting for: grab the latest version from the upcoming section to start the endless customization journey!

However, if you are downloading WhatsApp Plus APK for the first, worry not; we have covered everything from the walkthrough guide to how to install it.

So there’s nothing to worry about anyway. As you might have already known WhatsApp limits a user to certain things, which include saving status, diverse customization, and many more things.

Hopefully, with the new WhatsApp, we at least get a one-time photo or video share option. But, compared to WhatsApp Plus, this feature might look like a drop in the ocean since you can perform next-level things in one go.

Besides this, there are tons of tricks, but before that, I invite you to the Blogpost where you will get interesting WhatsApp mods.

Now that you have understood the core stuff let’s move on to understanding the WhatsApp+ application.

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WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus?

The WhatsApp Plus is an impressive alternative option to the GB WhatsApp, and while being one of the most famous WhatsApp mods, you will receive several options that you might not even get in the average mod app.

Millions of users switch to the official apps as it restricts them to do numerous things, whether it’s regarding customization or it’s about downloading content.

Though, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp+ aids users to modify the boring interface and less-aesthetic settings of the official app.

But also make it more personalized with user-created themes, which gives you the freedom to express what you desire, what you carve for, and for a tech geek like you and me, that thing matters the most!

Have you wondered why companies bind us with a vicious cycle of not expressing anything or giving us a little bit of freedom? As you know, the parent company Facebook wants to control everything, and that’s why they have created Meta, or in other words, Metaverse. To control every instant of our lives, and they will go to which extent is still unknown.

Now coming back to the main top! However, the same thing didn’t apply when you are using the WhatsApp Plus APK as everything is in your control.

The app uses the same servers as the official apps, so you can easily use your account without any limitations or boundaries to stop you.

You can invert the Blue ticket design or even see the message without showing a double tick, save high-quality images and videos, and the list can go on and on.

Note: There are always general queries do I get banned if I use WhatsApp Plus, well, the answer to that situation is Yes. And usually, other websites hide this fact. But if you have the Anti-ban WhatsApp mod isn’t your life will become easier. You didn’t have to worry about being banned by WhatsApp messenger. But as a pro-advice, using your secondary mobile number or the disposable number would be the right decision!

About WhatsApp Plus Developers

The original creator of WhatsApp Plus is Rafalete, and he launched this app in 2012. After being released, the app become the most popular WhatsApp mod application that still maintains that heavy crown. Besides that, this version is downable for every android phone.

After Rafale, the AlexMods team also create WhatsApp Plus, but this time they have added a bit more resources, which users have downloaded separately. That’s why it needs a little more internal space.

Last but not least, the FouadMods team also introduce their version alongside their four other WhatsApp mods.

In total, they were working on three mods, but currently, they are active for three variants. If you ask us, we recommend you go with the Alex Mods from the below section since that version is compatible with all android devices.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus Logo

We recommend you download AlexMods WhatsApp, as this mod doesn’t contain any Ads inside the app.

Note: You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk on any android phone. Whether you have Mid-range Motorola, Realme, Inifinix, Redmi, Poco, Vivo, or Oppo, or you have a high-tier OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, or any other brand, you can download it on any android precisely.

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Also, you must check the below video to use WhatsApp+ App effectively.

What’s New in v17.51

  • Base Updated (Google Play)
  • Anti-ban code applies
  • Participate in groups
  • More exciting animated emojis
  • Updated options settings
  • Improvised notification bar images
  • Different settings design
  • Better changelog layout
  • And Many More

About AlexMods WhatsApp:

AlexMods recently release the new updated WhatsApp Plus zip file, download it and install it by allowing download from unknown source settings. Get the latest AlexMod WhatsApp Plus from above. 

Key Features:

  • Normal, Light, and Dark Theme
  • Core Update
  • Animation emojis and stickers
  • Hide Blue Tick status
  • Apply unique background and theme
  • Major Update/ Bug fixes
  • Beautiful DIY theme
  • Hide chatting and more privacy
  • Hide story view 
  • Customize Bluetick

WhatsApp Plus Previous Version Download

The older versions are a good choice for a smartphone below the Android Nugget update.

WhatsApp Versions

There’s a bit of confusion among the mass that whether the 3.17 is the latest version of the 5.60, well both of them work similarly so there’s nothing to worry about. You will get astounding features from both, but if you are looking for WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, hopefully, we have that too. 

Features Overview

This mod apk is developed with all the key factors that are essential for convenient usage. Whether you talk about the customization features, Privacy features, Plus features, or General features, you will get everything. Besides this, this app is intended to provide all of the personalized features. So let’s take a look at the overview of what you are getting!

  • Create a customized world where you can change everything according to your idea.
  • No need to worry about the sharing limits, share large audio and video without decreasing the quality. 
  • Get photos of the original quality without any decompression. 
  • The quick share function allows you to share files faster.
  • Precisely Hide your profile picture; you can even set it for a specific person.
  • Check connecting times and time spend in the app. 
  • Install various custom traits as much as you want. 

Features in Detail

In case, you feel that all of that features are not enough, then wait, the WhatsApp Plus has some exclusive features that will blow your mind. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and meet the core features!

WA Plus Settings

The Plus features are the advanced features of the WA+, and you can tweak them to create a personalized experience, so let’s dive into that. 

  • Create your own stickers
  • Stick Package downloader
  • Clean up the space
  • Awesome Wallpapers
  • Tons of fonts styles options
  • Unlock different themes
  • Modify the chat screen
  • Add a new feature to the conversation screen
  • Change the notification layout
  • Improvise the widget features
  • Send videos of up to 50MB 
  • Share audio file up to 100MB
  • Share photos without compressing
  • Upload video status from 30-second shorts to 7-minute longs videos
  • Put a locker on the WhatsApp 
  • See the logs activity to monitor your daily life
  • Take a complete backup from any WhatsApp mod


There are levels of things that you can try out once you open the Privacy features; the following points will explain everything. 

  • Go stealth mode by hiding your online status.
  • Even Hide the view status, no one can track you.
  • Hide the message delivered and read tick.
  • Encrypted the typing status
  • Remove the Blue Mic button
  • Conceal your recordings too
  • Disable or Enable anti-revoke

General settings

  • Schedule message time
  • DND mode
  • Custom chat features
  • Auto Media Download
  • Reboot the WhatsApp
  • And More


There could be several things that can disappoint you when it’s to customizing WhatsApp. Are you bored with the same repetitive icons, dull features, and low image and video quality?

Obviously, you were annoyed by them in the past. But things will change as you Install WhatsApp+ as you will encounter exceptional features that will further help you boost the overall experience.

It might even better experience compared to a few months or years after using Offical WhatsApp. 

Hide Online Status

Either you want to go stealth mode so that no one can bother you in your me-time, or you simply want to stalk your ex without their knowing.

Then yeah, it is a good feature. With this option, nobody can whether you are online or not. Even though the phone is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi you can conveniently browse other apps without being distracted by useless messages. 

Hide Blue Ticks

In the core WhatsApp, you obtain three ticks – one tick means the message, video, image, or file is sent. And the second tick points out that it is delivered to the other users.

Last but not least, the blue tick refers to the other end users is already check the context. However, if you want to ghost out from other users and secretly read the conversation, you can do that by hiding the blue tick feature of this app. 

Writing Status

The three-dot status when you reply to another, or in other words typing status. But it’s quite embarrassing when you are getting a hard time with how to advance the conversation with your crush.

On top of that, if you didn’t reply to the text fast while typing status is visible, the embarrassment reaches the next level.

Has this happened to you? Worry not, we got your back! In WhatsApp Plus, you can take as much time as you want to reply by hiding the writing status. 

Recording Status

Like the writing status, you can also hide/freeze the last seen option so that you won’t feel embarrassed while replying to someone. The Recording status can be fixed to a specific time and changed that anytime you want. 

Sticker Packs

You will find out tons of cool and awesome stickers online and directly deliver them to your loved ones and friends.

On top of that, you can use the latest trendy stickers, so that everyone will ask for the source of the new stickers.

Following that, you can also create your own distinctive stickers, if you didn’t get anything unique for your meme arsenal. Just create anything you like upload it to the site, and share it with friends. 

Advanced Cleaner

You will the specific cleaner software inside WhatsApp+ that automatically clears space since we didn’t get endless space on our smartphones.

Not only will these features remove old chats, but also thoroughly remove irrelevant media too. Since it’s an automated process, you didn’t have to do anything from your hand. 


Make the background more impressive, and of course, you can customize them as well. Besides this, we also have different and unique wallpaper that you can check out in the meanwhile. 


The Auto-reply features usually arrive in only the WhatsApp Business accounts, while the ordinary app won’t give you those privileges.

However, you can also set a specific reply when someone pings you the message. With the latest version, you directly reply to anyone who will message you since you are doing valuable, then reply to annoying people. 

WA Themes

One of the primary issues why a user switch to WhatsApp Plus is because they didn’t get the theme they like. All of the themes are either plain or just the background of your photo.

With this application, you will get a diverse range of beautiful themes that will enhance the overall look inside the app. On top of that, you can also change the settings and create your own custom-made theme.


Not only do you modify the themes, icons, and wallpaper, but there are several other things that you can customize like – the header, tick style, text format, chat screen, and primary screen all according to your wish and interest.

Alongside this, there are numerous options that will allow a user to create personalized notifications and widgets too. 


Everybody says that WhatsApp is convenient to use, but deep down everyone knows that the app compress shared video and photos.

Yet the worst would be that the image quality decreased by sharing on WhatsApp. Besides this, there are certain limits that didn’t allow you to send high-quality media files aggressively. 

But with this mod, you can share more than 100MB of audio content with the option to send 50MB 7-minute long videos, whether you record a short video of 30 seconds or an extensive video of 7 minutes. Everything is possible, plus you will get the best quality photos even after sharing. 


In the recent update, you are getting options like sending one-time photos and videos, and they will be deleted once the end-user has seen the content.

It’s a good initiative, but WhatsApp+ takes privacy and security matters to the next level. It supports end-to-end encryption technology and you can set passwords and other features to hide specific chats the list can go on and on for a while.

Logs and history

If you want to take control of your life, you need to be aware of where you spend your time – in WhatsApp Plus, you will get a similar feature that keeps a record of your usage.

Those records are the log that contains the data from when you opened and closed the app along with the time duration.

With these features, you can calculate where you are spending your time chatting most, and think of things that can avoid.

Fonts and Style

It no denies that in the official WhatsApp, you get only a handful of customization features, but there are no specific features to change the fonts and styles of other elements, apart from the text.

Do you feel bored with those limitations on you? Well, it’s time to be limitless and unfold the features of the font of WhatsApp+ that allows customizing the chatting text. 

Especially for stories, you will get more than 250 text formats and tons of customized styles to create immersive stories without holding back your feelings.

With this WhatsApp mod, you can unlock wide directories of fonts style of different shapes and sizes. There are certain things that you would like to do yourself, so give it a try!


Using WhatsApp Plus is a blessing for the tech geek as the user can change the in-app settings as much as they desire without being charged any fee.

In contrast, you need to be aware that using any modified WhatsApp application comes with the risk of complete termination of the account. If you are willing to get your account ban for forever, then you try WhatsApp Mods.

Note: If you didn’t want your main number to get blocked permanently, the best solution is to use a secondary number that will work only for modified WhatsApp’s.


WhatsApp Plus Infographics


How do I Download WhatsApp Plus?

In this post, we covered everything from head to toe about WhatsApp plus, you can download any version you like. On the other hand, if you are using an Android nugget phone or below, you can also check out the old versions.

How do I Install WhatsApp Plus?

Pick up any WhatsApp Plus you are interested in, and download and install it on your phone. It’s that simple! Make sure you have enabled the feature called download from “unknown sources“.

What is WhatsApp Plus Web?

Like the official Web WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Plus Web also brings a cool feature to connect your WhatsApp account on the computer. For that, just go to the WhatsApp Web website and scan the code from the phone.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe?

From the history, it’s clear that if you use WhatsApp Plus, there’s a risk that your account will ban. Hopefully, you won’t get adware or malware from this application.


I hope that you have grabbed the latest version of WhatsApp APK 2024, and enjoy the customization features and functions. Moreover, if you come up with a unique theme, do let us know about it in the following section. 

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