Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2024 [100% Working & Safe]

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with over 1.3 billion active users. With so many people using it, there are bound to be a few mods out there that make the app more fun and useful. Here are five of the Best WhatsApp Mods in 2024.

Winning is the new definition of living in the current technological world as the people we’re seeing these days build new things. We came from an age of sending letters through Telegrams, Posts, Fax, and sarcastically using those pigeons.

Well, we don’t know well if the pigeon’s thing is true or not, but you don’t need to get stuck with those things, as we’re currently living in the WhatsApp generation.

The only technology which made us think or worry about communication intricacies is Instant Messaging and while talking about the biggest weapon of Instant Messaging, it’s hard to forget WhatsApp.

Making communication more advanced is the only way of advancement; people really love it using the WhatsApp protocol. Nevertheless, do you really think that WhatsApp is filled with amazingness?

If that is what you think, you are living in the biggest ignorance about the number of complexities within WhatsApp’s official interface. You can’t overcome any annoying app view of the WhatsApp official software.

But don’t worry anymore as we were here today with the 5 Best WhatsApp Mods. These Mods would include some amazing scripts to minimize the complexities and maximize the privileges.

Best WhatsApp Mods

Advantages of Installing WhatsApp Mods

The way you’re messaging instantly with the WhatsApp official thing these days wouldn’t seem as effective as it’d become after using the WhatsApp Mods. Well, the reason behind that is hundreds of advantages of installing WhatsApp Mods, which we’ve listed below:

  • Customization would be the upper hand in installing WhatsApp Mods. It’d deliver you thousands of customization options.
  • Apart from customization, WhatsApp Mods would also strengthen your messaging’s privacy far greater than the official app.
  • Security wouldn’t be your stress point anymore, as the Mods contain additional security features too.
  • WhatsApp Mods also include some further resources such as emoticon styles, font styles, and notification icons.
  • You can strengthen the message, media, forward, and voice note-sending limits by choosing WhatsApp Mods.

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Disadvantages of Installing WhatsApp Mods

We’ve mentioned all the advantages of using the modified WhatsApp interfaces above, and are currently ready to deliver you complete knowledge about the demerits of using them –

  • WhatsApp Mods are third-party applications, and consequently, there can be someone next to your screen grasping your data.
  • There is a probability of your WhatsApp account being temporarily or permanently banned for using MOD privileges.
  • You can’t get these Mods on Google Play Store as they’re developed by global third-party developers.
  • You first need to try a non-official or unimportant WhatsApp account after installing WhatsApp Mod on your device.

Best WhatsApp Mods in 2024

If you haven’t acknowledged well about the online WhatsApp Mods, you need to know that there are thousands of WhatsApp Mods on all the distinct websites, and all include different modified privileges.

Choosing among hundreds wouldn’t be that easy and that’s why we’ve listed below the five best WhatsApp Mods with all their top-notch features:

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus)

WhatsApp Plus Logo

The first competitor within the whole series of Best WhatsApp Mods is the WhatsApp Plus APK. It’s the most renowned WhatsApp MOD, certified by millions of instant chatters using the internet connection to communicate with the globe. Moreover, these numbers are getting enhanced rapidly as more populations are becoming acknowledged of WhatsApp Plus’s features.

The most unbelievable thing about WhatsApp Plus is its privacy add-ons. It allows you to hide your online visibility as well as do tweaks with the WhatsApp servers to hide online status seen, blue ticks, double ticks, and all other things you need to hide from your WhatsApp contacts and become super private.

Suppose that you’ve got a lock and key and you’ve successfully hidden all your online stuff and become a privacy-rich chatter. Sounds great, right? So, let’s dig inside all the amazing features you are about to get inside the WhatsApp Plus interface as listed below –

Features of WhatsApp Plus

  • 7000+ themes were added to the library to make WhatsApp a well-customized interface.
  • Hide Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Online Status, and Status Seen in moments.
  • Download the WhatsApp Status of all your friends
  • In-built Chat Hider
  • Dark and Light Mode
  • Auto Reply feature to automate messages
  • Message Scheduling
  • New Emoticon styles
  • New Notification Icons

FMWhatsApp (FM WA)

FMWhatsApp Logo

FM WhatsApp is one of those Fouad creations among the Fouad WhatsApp and Fouad GB WhatsApp. The best thing about this is trustability. It’s one of the most used Fouad apps and we got some sounding ratings about this version, making it the most trustable WhatsApp MOD among all the Fouad creations.

When we look at the privilege side of this amazing Fouad WhatsApp MOD, i.e., FM WhatsApp, there are tremendous customization privileges. We had so many themes and other customization things inside our last competitor WhatsApp Plus, but the amazingness you’re about to see inside the FM WhatsApp is something unimaginable.

This app allows you to customize the eternal app interface as you want. In simple words, you’re a side developer of this app and can design the frontend interface as you want. Do you want a RED header color? If that’s the thing, open the customization settings and turn it to RED. Yeah, it’s that simple!

Features of FMWhatsApp

  • Hundreds of customization features
  • New themes apart from other competitors
  • Revoke deleted messages
  • Download status videos, and photos, and copy status note.
  • Choose your favorite font styles
  • Anti-Ban interface. (According to Developers)
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Choose who can message and call you
  • Many More…!

GBWhatsApp (GB WA)

GBWhatsApp Logo

Is that what you heard before? Yeah, I can understand that among hundreds of WhatsApp Mods out there in the online world, GBWhatsApp is one of the most renowned apps.

This Mod makes real things happen and that’s why it includes absolute happiness that you won’t find anywhere. Well, WhatsApp Mods include almost exact features, but still comprise some rare features that you’d find nowhere.

If we talk about the GBWhatsApp, the unusualness about this MOD is its limitation-less app interface. The chatters using official WhatsApp have some limitations such as sending not above the limited megabytes of media files, not forwarding messages above 5 users at a time, and not creating bigger groups of friends.

If you want to beat all those limitations with a classy app interface, you’re just a step away from the GBWhatsApp. Click the below link and make it all yours! Also, don’t forget to know about all its features as listed below.

Features of GBWhatsApp

  • Enhance forwarding limits
  • Make bigger groups
  • Send up to 4 MB media files at a time
  • Send more than 250 images at the same time
  • Post video statuses bigger than 30 seconds. (Would only be shown to MOD user.)
  • Customization Options
  • New Themes
  • Privacy strengthening features
  • Many more…!

YoWhatsApp (YoWA)


Waving a hand to my best friend and saying Yo feels exactly cool as using the YoWhatsApp. This version can become your trendy friend as it contains all the coolest features which aren’t just cool but sounds cool. First of all, we’d love to talk about its interior theme styles. YoWhatsApp includes a Yo Theme library that includes thousands of free themes that need a simple download and run.

This version of WhatsApp would seem damn friendly to you and provide you most funky vibes. Additionally, it also includes privacy and security features within the funky app menu and the amazing app themes. Lastly, it also includes 6 different emoji styles, including the old Facebook style, the old WhatsApp style, and the iOS emoticon style.

Features of YoWhatsApp

  • New Funky WhatsApp themes
  • Create and save your own themes
  • Customize the complete interface with an ease
  • Choose among 6 amazing emoji styles
  • Ultimate YoThemes style
  • Choose among launcher icons
  • Four different cards for Chats, Groups, Calls, and Statuses.
  • Amazing notification icons

WhatsApp Aero (WA Aero)

WhatsApp Aero Logo

WhatsApp Aero can be known as the most unusual Mod as it contains a literally rare app interface than the above four competitors. It’d make everything convenient for you as it comprises all the app features as different big tiles. It contains a tile for Aero Themes, Updates, Privacy, Universal, Home Screen, and Conversation Screen privileges.

In simple words, everything among the WhatsApp Aero APK is well arranged to make you understand and use the app features more influentially. You can point out your favorite feature genre and use them all listed in the same section.

Furthermore, there are additional universal features within the WhatsApp Aero version that you probably won’t get inside the other WhatsApp Mods. Lastly, the Aero version is named for its best quality which is performance. You’re about to glimpse the mightiest performance of chatting within this WhatsApp Mod.

Features of WhatsApp Aero

  • Exceptional Aero Themes
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Include YoWhatsApp themes
  • Privacy add-ons to hide blue ticks, double ticks, online status, and status seen
  • Send 50MB video files and 4MB images for the best quality
  • Increased image-sharing limit
  • DND Mode
  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Chat Hider
  • Enhance group creation limit


Finalizing any WhatsApp Mod from the above five competitors would take a little while for you. So, take time and go through all the above-listed features of each WhatsApp Mod and choose your most desired one accordingly. Forward, download, and install that app using the default app installation procedure. Start enjoying chatting!

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