How To Update YoWhatsApp [Step By Step]

The best way to experience the top-notch features of YoWhatsApp is to stay updated on the latest version. We will cover how you can easily update YoWhatsApp in this tutorial without any problem.

We all know that we can’t update the mod messenger application like we used to update other apps from the Google Play store. You need to follow different approaches that can lead you to the latest update.

How To Update YoWhatsApp

Besides this, we have covered various methods by which you perform that task. However, it’s necessary to take backup. Usually, it won’t impact you that much since you restore the chat; it’s good to be cautious when you have a chance. 

Backup Process for YoWhatsApp

  • First and foremost, tap on the chat window and then click on the three-strip option present in the corner in which you have to select the Settings option. 
  • Following this, you have to enter the Chat section.
  • Click on the Chat Backup to continue the process.
  • Inside that, tap on the Backup button to initialize the procedure. 

Once that ends, the backup will be stored locally, and you can restore it anytime you desire.

Method 1: By Checking the version

  • Inside the home screen, you have to tap on the three-strip menu.
  • Afterward, tap on the Settings option.
  • Now press the Help button.
  • Next, click on the App info.
  • Note down the version present on the screen.
  • Following this, check the version present at the end of this post. If you are on the same version, then kudos! But if you are on the older variant, you can download the latest version from here.
  • Once the download process ends, click on the Install button to continue. 
  • When the installation is complete, simply tap on open to using YoWhatsApp as you used to before. 

Method 2: Update Directly from YoWhatsApp

  • In this method, you have to first go to the chat window home screen taps on the three-strip menu, and enter the YOMods option.
  • Inside the YOMods, press on the Update section to move to the next window. 
  • Next, click on the Check for Update option.
  • If you are on the latest version, a pop-up message will appear with a Good job icon. 
  • On the other hand, if you are not on the newest update, the app will recommend installing the latest version without any further ado. 

In the usual scenario, you will automatically get updates from the Google Play Store services. But it’s not possible for Mod Apks as modifying the original creation of other app owners without their permission is against app store policies.

That’s why they forbid developers to upload their creations on their platforms. Therefore, you are only leaving to follow the above methods since there’s no hope whatsoever! Check out the latest version of YoWhatsApp!

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